Is a Vegetarian Diet Safe for Kids?

For persuasiveness, I will refer to high authorities. Here is what the prominent American nutritionist Herbert Shelton writes: "Naturally, neither meat, nor meat broth, nor eggs should ever be given to a child under 7-8 years old. At this age, he does not have the strength to neutralize the toxins formed in these products."

An unexpected recommendation? On this occasion, the famous dancer Isadora Duncan, speaking about her pupils, students of the dance school she created in Germany, spoke out bluntly: "The children were making extraordinary progress. And I am sure that their health owes much to the vegetarian regime introduced by Dr. Goff."

Is a Vegetarian Diet Safe for Kids?

Many decades later, the head of the Moscow Naturopathic School of Health Improvement and Obstetrics, Doctor Valery Kapralov, also unequivocally expressed his opinion: first of all, they did not consume animal protein. Then the child's body will develop as it should be by nature, and such a person will avoid many diseases prepared for those who eat meat. " German doctors strongly recommend caring parents to carefully count how many sausages their child eats a month. In no case should sausages be more than 12, otherwise the child may be at risk of poisoning. The fact is that the pink pig color of a famous German delicacy does not appear by itself,

Excerpt from the book "to love or to kill"

One of the most respected medical organizations in the world, the British Medical Association, categorically stated in its Diet, Nutrition and Health report that "iron deficiency is no more common in vegetarians and veganists than in meat eaters." Research on British veganists from the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Surrey, in a paper published in the British Journal of Nutrition, concluded that iron levels were normal in all veganists and that “Vegan women had normal pregnancies; children who were fed a vegan diet. "


Excerpt from the "Vegetarian" magazine # 1, 2001

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