Do You Want Something Sweet? 5 Easy Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings

It is scientifically proven that sugar acts on the brain in the same way as cocaine. This is proved by comparing images of brain activity after consuming sugar and cocaine. And despite the fact that the narcotic effect of cocaine in terms of its effect on the mind is stronger, the addiction to sugar is formed even faster and keeps a person much stronger. Why are we so hungry for sweets? How to get rid of this? What is lacking in the body?

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  • Why you crave sweets: common reasons?
  • What is lacking in the body if you want something sweet?
  • 5 simple techniques to get rid of sugar cravings
  • The best alternatives to sweets and starchy foods

Often the problem of sugar cravings lies not in the physical, but in the mental sphere. What emotions and sensations are missing with the help of sweets? Let's take a closer look at these and other issues below.


Why you crave sweets: common reasons

The main problem with sugar is that we are taught to be sweet from childhood. Some parents build on this a whole method of education. As a reward, they treat the child with sweets; as a punishment, they deprive them of this joy. And all would be fine, but this forms a destructive model of behavior in the child's psyche. Even as an adult, he can constantly implement this model of behavior, motivating himself mainly with the use of sweets. 

That is why many people eat sweets during some difficult stressful situations: this allows you to return to childhood, again feel happy, protected, and joyful. But this is deception, sweetness is a surrogate for happiness. 

Thus, cravings for sweets are formed in deep childhood. Strong cravings for sweets are most often due to psychological reasons. First, as mentioned above, this behavior model is projected from childhood. Second, the sweet taste is responsible for the emotion of joy. And if there is not enough happiness and joy in life, a person constantly stimulates himself with sweetness. 

Please note that sweets are most often consumed in the evenings or at night, it is at this time of the day that a person most of all feels melancholy, loneliness, obsessive unpleasant thoughts overtake him. And the root of the problem is most often precisely in this - the reasons for craving sweets lie in psychosomatics. A person really wants something sweet when there is a lack of happiness in his life. 

Other reasons are physiological. By nature, sweet taste triggers the release of dopamine. The fact is that sweet fruits are healthy food for us, and sweetness is a sign that the fruit is ripe. And nature has thought out a system of motivational reinforcement so that our brain responds with the release of dopamine to an increase in blood sugar. And all would be fine, but with the advent of artificial sweets, this became the reason for real drug addiction to sugar.


Why do you always want sweets?

Almost all drugs act according to this principle: they provoke an inadequately high release of dopamine into the blood and this causes a feeling of euphoria. Sugar is no exception. And just like with all drugs, there is one problem - the body's tolerance for sweets is gradually growing: 

The body begins to respond to the usual dose of sweet with a lower release of dopamine, and this leads to the need to constantly increase the dosage.


The fact is that the release of dopamine gives a feeling of joy and euphoria, but its concentration in the blood plasma rapidly decreases and this forces a person to eat sweets again in order to return themselves to their previous happy state. At the same time, the body's tolerance is growing, and if at first, it is one candy at breakfast, then later it is already three candies, five, and so on. 

At the same time, the frequency of taking sweets also increases - periods of euphoria are becoming shorter and shorter, and this forces a person to eat sweets more and more often. Thus, there are only two reasons why you want sweets - either psychological dependence, or physiological, but most often they reinforce one another. 

There is another reason why you crave sweets: it is the presence of parasites in the body. Sugar is an excellent food for various parasites in the human body, and it has already been proven that parasites can, by secreting certain chemical components, affect the brain of their host, forcing it to do what they need. It's the same with sugar: if the parasites don't have enough nutrition, they will release certain chemicals that will signal to the brain that the body needs sugar. But sugar in this case is needed not by the body, but by the parasites.


What is lacking in the body if you want something sweet?

What vitamins are missing if you want something sweet? There is another secret why a person is constantly drawn to sweets. 

The craving for sweets can be a sign of a lack of chromium.

This chemical element ensures normal blood glucose levels. And here there is a vicious circle: if there is a lack of chromium in the body, this can become one of the reasons for craving for sweets, and if we start eating sweets, this provokes the leaching of chromium from the body and the problem only gets worse. 

The less chromium, the stronger the cravings for sweets, the more sweets in the diet, the less chromium. And then the problem will only get worse. Thus, it is quite possible that you want something sweet from a lack of chromium. 

So what do you need to eat when you crave sweets? The main two chromium-rich foods are broccoli and beets, preferably raw as cooking reduces the nutritional value of the foods. It is not recommended to include in the diet various dietary supplements to saturate the body with chromium - in all such supplements, all vitamins are artificially synthesized and, for the most part, are not absorbed by the body. Thus, chromium can get rid of cravings for sweets, if the reason for the sugar addiction is precisely the lack of chromium.


How to get rid of sugar cravings

As we have already found out, there can be many reasons why you can constantly want sweets. And it is better to take a comprehensive approach to the issue of liberation from sugar addiction. We found out why you really want sweets: this is either a behavior pattern inherent in childhood, or a lack of happiness and joy (as an option, an attempt to relieve stress), or a purely physiological dependence, according to the principle of dopamine release, or due to a lack of chromium or the presence of parasites in organism. An increased craving for sweets occurs for one of these reasons, or for some at once.


And, therefore, there are also many methods of working with this addiction.


5 simple techniques to get rid of sugar cravings

Let's start in order. If the reason for this addiction lies deep in childhood and craving for sweets is the principle of motivating yourself to take action, try to reconsider your goals and objectives. 

If what you are doing does not inspire you, you may not want to stimulate yourself with a sweet tooth, but simply find an activity that suits you. 

Cravings for sweets due to lack of joy are solved by looking for new hobbies and again looking for inspiration in what interests you.


1. Hatha yoga or physical activity

If the constant craving for sweets is due to the habit of relieving stress in this way, then alternative ways can be found: doing physical activity, hatha yoga , meditation and other techniques. In general, physical activity is the best way to distract yourself from a stressful situation. Therefore, if possible, you can simply clean the apartment - and your soul will immediately feel better.


2. Analytical meditation

Another way is analytical meditation . If there is an irresistible craving for sweets, you should not immediately succumb to it or, on the contrary, overbear it with an effort of will - just meditate on your desire. Ask yourself questions: 

  • Do I really want this?
  • Do I really need it now?
  • Will this solve my problem?
  • Will it get easier for me?

When we start to reason logically about illogical things, it makes it easier to overcome addictions. Because addiction is always something irrational and no addiction tolerates a cold-blooded rational approach.


3. Foods rich in chromium

To eliminate the physical dependence on sweets, you need to try to introduce into the diet foods rich in chromium: beets, broccoli, etc., and the same chocolate and other sweets can be replaced with natural products: carob, fruits, dates, raisins, fruit candy and so on. ... By the way, you can make excellent homemade chocolate from carob, tasty and healthy.


4. The practice of cleansing

As we said above, it happens that the body wants sweets when there are parasites in the body - they are the ones who send signals to the brain that it needs to eat sweets. Purification practices such as Shankha Prakshalana, which cleanse the intestines of all parasites, can help. If necessary, you can do this practice several times with a break of two to three weeks. 

The main thing is not to return to sweets after cleansing, so as not to form pathogenic microflora again. Please note that there are contraindications for this practice and, as a rule, it must be performed under the guidance of an experienced mentor so as not to harm your body.


5. Practice fasting

Another way of purification (both physical and mental) is fasting . You should not immediately drive yourself into severe austerities; you can start with one or two days of fasting. As a rule, after fasting, cravings for unhealthy foods weaken. Although it happens the other way around, we pull the "pendulum" in one direction, and then it flies in the other, and we start to crave sweets even more. Therefore, each has its own technique. 

It is almost painless to give up harmful sweets: you just need to replace them with healthy natural sweets. Ideally, these can be fruits, which can become a full-fledged dessert, or some recipes for healthy eating: carob sweets , various date sweets, and others. 

Raw halva is a great way to replace unhealthy sweets. Simply grind the soaked sunflower seeds in a blender, mix them with honey and coconut oil and leave in the refrigerator overnight. And such a healthy sweetness will be an excellent substitute for the usual harmful products. Let's consider the various options for replacing sweets in more detail.


The best alternatives to sweets and starchy foods

Everyone knows that sugar and white flour are among the first in the ranking of harmful products for human health. And in a strange way, cravings for sweets are almost always accompanied by cravings for refined flour foods. As a result, addictions to such food become so strong that it becomes almost impossible to overcome them, if you do not apply a gentle approach - replacing harmful sweets with useful ones.


So, what else can you replace sweet and starchy foods? Let's take a look at the best alternatives to sweets: 

  • We change sugar for honey

            Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. Its use in food helps to strengthen the immune system, it tones, fills with energy and is the prevention of many diseases. There is absolutely nothing useful in sugar - this is the first product that nutritionists recommend replacing. It interferes with weight loss and provokes fermentation processes in the intestines, promotes the formation of mucus in the body and lowers immunity.


  • Instead of sweets - dried fruits

            Everyone knows about the dangers of sweets. So try dried fruit instead of sweets. In addition to being delicious, they are also healthy. For example, dried apricots help to strengthen the cardiovascular system and help get rid of excess fat. Raisins have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. 

Prunes activate the intestines, relieve fatigue, and improve skin condition. Dates give a charge of strength and energy, increase efficiency. You can also try nut and date candies or dried apricot candies .


  • We replace milk chocolate with black

            If it is very difficult to give up chocolate, then instead of dairy, eat black bitter, which contains at least 70% cocoa. This type of chocolate is less harmful, and you will get full of it very quickly. It stimulates the brain and improves mood. As stated above, the best alternative to chocolate is carob chocolate.


  • Marshmallow, marmalade, and jelly instead of cake

            Did you know that marshmallows contain no vegetable or animal fats? High-quality marshmallows are made from fruit and berry puree, agar-agar, pectin and sugar. Therefore, marshmallow has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, improves the condition of joints, nails and hair. Also, replace flour products with marmalade and jelly. The jelly contains pectin, which helps cleanse the intestines of toxins, and glycine helps restore bone and cartilage tissue. Fruit jelly, which is made from natural ingredients, stimulates the liver and helps to get rid of toxins accumulated in the body. It also contains useful vitamins and minerals.


  • Liver Alternatives - Oatmeal Cookies and Nuts

            In store-bought cookies, there is a huge amount of sugar, as well as in the composition there is palm oil, which the body cannot process, and it remains in the liver and is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, which leads to malfunctions in the body and obesity. Oatmeal cookies and nuts are useful substitutes. It's good if you make your own cookies from oatmeal, which is rich in fiber. Fiber stimulates the digestive process and removes all unnecessary items from the intestines. 

Nuts contain an abundance of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. They nourish the brain and support the immune system. You quickly fill up with them. Nuts are high in calories and should be consumed in moderation.


  • Replace purchased juices with smoothies and fresh fruit

            Swap store juices for a variety of smoothies or just fresh fruit. The fact is that often store-bought juices are just sweet water with a fruity taste and smell. And homemade smoothies are an unusually healthy and tasty product. They nourish the body, fill with energy and are a source of natural vitamins and minerals, are well absorbed by the body.


Now you know how to replace sweet and starchy foods with healthier and more delicious foods. There are many recipes out there that provide a complete alternative to unhealthy sweets. But the most important thing is to look for happiness within oneself, so that there is no need to use its various surrogates.


Enjoyable and easy transition to a healthy diet!


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