Body worship in modern society

"A healthy mind in a healthy body is very rare"
Folk wisdom.

As in any other era, in our time, different people have a different attitude towards life, others and themselves. There are many different interest groups, hobbies and interests. And, despite the active introduction of destructive phenomena into the consciousness, over the past 10 years, the desire for a healthy lifestyle has become widely popular. However, there are extremes and distortions everywhere.

Body worship in modern society

So in this direction, many have experienced a substitution of concepts and a shift in emphasis towards an exclusively materialistic understanding of this issue, and the cult of a healthy body has become a fashionable trend today. And there is a certain standard, an image of an ideal body, into which a person who is interested in this issue seeks to cram himself. 

To look attractive, people sometimes go to extreme measures: plastic surgery, the use of stem cells (where they come from - a very big and acute topic), long exhausting training. This sort of thing may have an effect, but usually only for a short period of time. 

For example, as soon as a person quits exercising, the relief of his muscles gradually disappears. Few people think about the consequences of an artificial, rapid transformation. 

Superficial perception of life

It is no secret that a consumer society, which has long and stubbornly been created by the "power of this world", requires a specific work of consciousness from its members. A modern person should not think about the consequences of his actions, live one day, and want something all the time.

The more primitive the consciousness, the more profitable it is for those who do business on passions and exercise control over the masses.

The desired result can be achieved in different ways: intoxicating consciousness with the help of legal drugs, political and historical concepts, selfish (individual) work of consciousness, as well as by orienting a person's attention to an extreme form of preoccupation with his body. 

It all starts with the fact that a person is inculcated with a materialistic consciousness, fixing it on primitive desires and animal instincts. Mixed with ambition, these feelings do not allow a person to see other levels of being, therefore those who live exclusively in the sphere of manifested material nature try to realize themselves in this reality. And as you know, the animal world is very cruel and harsh in relation to the weaker. 

Hence we have the so-called "social Darwinism" with all the ensuing consequences. There are a lot of examples: these are eternal problems in the state structure and relations between people. Perceiving life at the level of the body, a person remains cut off from a large layer of reality. Allegorically speaking, it is on the surface of the ocean, while in the depths there is an entire unknown universe. 

The cult of the body is a good tool to leave human attention on this surface, condemning it to an inferior life, in which there will be only primitive animal feelings and instincts. 

And it is almost impossible to convince such a person that there are other levels of being.


Body worship in modern society

Body worship - wisdom that has become a fashion trend

A prime example of superficial perception is how people feel about one-day fasting. It is known that the sages of the past, on the days of the full moon and new moon, went into seclusion and engaged in spiritual practices. 

At the same time, they did not take food, because a lot of energy is spent on digestion, and attention, which is necessary for yoga practices, is scattered. In different traditions, there may be different lunar days, but they have the same meaning - to cut off all unnecessary and concentrate on the Absolute. 

Having learned about such techniques and realizing the beneficial effect of one-day fasting, modern people apply it only from the outside: instead of putting aside all the worldly vanity and devoting a day to spiritual practice, they simply try not to eat. As a rule, the way out of such fasting ends in gluttony in the following days and does not lead to a change in the person.


The opposite effect occurs. 

Instead of getting rid of the cult of food, a person is more and more immersed in the world of proper nutrition and nutrients, and internal subtle processes elude his attention.


But there is always a way out of any situation.


Life is designed in such a way that it helps us all develop, provided that we form an intention to move in this direction. One-day fasting can and should include reading spiritual literature, prayers or mantras and, of course, doing meditation . Practices like these will strengthen willpower and fortitude. 

Simultaneously with such days, you can add shatkarmas and asana complexes to your life . This will help to develop sensitive abilities and, perhaps, a person will acquire the ability to feel the currents of energy in the pranic body . This is how the door to the subtle world is opened and a person begins to master the invisible bodies that everyone has! 

They try not to talk about this, but scientists have long learned to fix the so-called human aura. The science of yoga calls this body Pranamayakosha or pranic body. Transforming and learning to own this body is one of the tasks on the path of evolution. And the question is whether a person accepts such information or his mind works in a closed, ossified mode.


It turns out a vicious circle, as folk wisdom says: 

“Many things are incomprehensible to us, not because our concepts are weak; but because these things are not included in the range of our concepts. "


For a person who strives for development, it is desirable to realize that his physical body is given to achieve certain tasks that must be completed during the allotted time of stay in this material world. 

Tasks and goals will be different for everyone, but if a person sees only one facet of his life, it is unlikely that he will be able to take place. In contrast to the cult of the body, you can cultivate moral, spiritual qualities, as well as engender a cult of the spirit . The gradual expansion of your worldview and abilities leads to a harmonious and fulfilling life at all levels of being! 

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