10 Easy Steps to Exit the Matrix || How to Exit the Matrix

They were once impressed by the film "The Matrix", but, unfortunately, most viewers perceived the film as a fun fantasy with, frankly, not so-so plot. In a word - a typical Hollywood performance of a more or less interesting undertaking.

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Oddly enough, but most Hollywood films on this subject have real deep meaning. Why is this done? Let's imagine (in delirium order) that we all really live in the matrix. And now there is a person who suddenly understands this. What happens next? He will want to tell about this, if not to the whole world (in this case, he will most likely end up in a house with soft walls and intensive "treatment"), then at least to his loved ones. And now let's remember that just recently the whole world watched the film "The Matrix", where the plot is roughly similar. What will be the reaction of others to such a person who will tell everyone that we live in a matrix? That's right - he will be advised to restrain his passion for cinema.

This is one of the principles of mass management - the closer the truth is hidden, the more difficult it is to find it. These are the foundations of human psychology - secrets sealed with seven seals always arouse heightened interest. But what is told publicly, as a rule, is of little interest to anyone. A vivid example with alcohol - no one hides that it is harmful. And that is why this topic is of little concern to anyone. After all, the logic is simple: if they do not hide it, then it is not so dangerous.

It's the same with The Matrix. There is an opinion that this plot was not invented by chance, namely with the aim of showing everyone the truth, but under the “seasoning” of fiction, so that from now on such arguments would be perceived by people exclusively as fantastic.

However, if we analyze our life with you, it becomes quite obvious that we actually live in a matrix - at least in an information matrix, which from childhood drives us into the framework of generally accepted templates.

However, let's leave the abstract verbiage about conspiracy theories - there is a lot of this information on the Internet. Today we'll talk about what exactly each of us can do in order to get out of the matrix and become free. So, what 10 steps will allow us to exit the matrix:

  1. Stop poisoning yourself with poisons;
  2. Stop "poisoning" yourself with information;
  3. Change attitudes towards disease;
  4. Accustom yourself to order;
  5. Build relationships with loved ones;
  6. Refuse chemistry as much as possible;
  7. Increase physical activity;
  8. To be in nature more;
  9. Become a creator;
  10. Do good deeds.

1. Stop poisoning yourself with poisons

What a seemingly stupid piece of advice. Most people in response to such advice with a surprised face will say something like: "I am not hounding myself with anything, what poisons?" And this is the main trick of the matrix - it taught us to think, it inspired us that poisons are food. Poisons end up on the shelves of our stores, decorated with beautiful labels and sold to us under the guise of food.

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Source: ndtv.com | World No Tobacco Day

First of all, let's talk about drugs. And now indignation is heard again, they say, what does this have to do with me? Indeed, it is necessary to talk about the dangers of drugs with those who throw syringes at the entrance, and in general - let the law enforcement agencies deal with them, but there is no place for drugs in the life of an ordinary person. But here again there is a trick of the matrix: most drugs have become a familiar part of our life. Alcohol, cigarettes, all foods containing caffeine, sugar, salt, flavor enhancers, and even certain types of music are all drugs.

And here again, of course, there will be a lot of objection, they say, what then in general to eat? However, there are plenty of natural and natural plant foods around. Yes, sometimes its quality leaves much to be desired, but here the principle of lesser evil operates: some kind of potato with chemicals is clearly a healthier food than chips or French fries.

“Alcohol belongs to narcotic poisons,” and this is not the opinion of fanatical teetotalers, this is a literal quote from the “Great Soviet Encyclopedia” - volume 2, page 116. that nicotine and caffeine are “psychoactive substances” (in other words, drugs ), any encyclopedia will tell us. Brain MRI studies show that refined sugar works in the brain in the same way as cocaine. And so on, the list of poisons is endless.

Poisons are also contained in the food itself - all refined food is not food at all. These are some chemical compounds, the task of which is to cause addiction in the consumer. Thus, everything that contains preservatives, food additives, flavor enhancers and so on is also recommended to be excluded from the diet. Why, even ordinary toothpaste contains fluoride - an extremely toxic substance, so it is better to give preference to tooth powder.

2. Stop "poisoning" yourself with information

Poisoning occurs not only at the level of the physical body, but also at the level of information. Food for the mind is just as important as food for the stomach. And it is important to carefully approach the choice of the information that we immerse ourselves in. Yes, the modern aggressive information environment does not always give us the right to choose, but in most cases a person can exclude at least the main sources of destructive information - TV, some Internet resources, destructive music, communication with degrading people.

As in the case of food, as everything harmful is eliminated from its informational diet, consciousness will gradually clear itself. And you will notice that, perhaps, those motivations and goals that you had were not yours at all, but were simply imposed by society and advertising, and maybe it makes sense to ask yourself questions about what you need, and not about those who pays for the ad.

3. Change attitudes towards disease

“Love your illness,” a wise man once said, and in these words great wisdom is hidden. The disease is not a reason to run to the pharmacy and poison yourself with pills that simply suppress the symptoms, thereby only exacerbating the problem. Illness is a signal that a person is not living properly. A disease is a text message from the body, which tells us that it is time to change something in life. Most often, there are only two causes of illness: self-destructive eating and / or negative thinking.

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Changing only your diet to a healthier one (with a predominance of fresh plant foods in the diet) and changing your attitude towards the world to a more positive one, you can, if not cure all diseases, then at least significantly reduce their number in the very near future.

The pharmaceutical business may well compete with the drug business in terms of its income. The lifestyle that the matrix imposes on us, it simply guarantees us the presence of diseases, it would be strange if people who kill themselves with alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and junk food did not get sick.

And this is a perfectly built business: first, under the guise of food, they sell us something that you can't even touch, not something to immerse yourself in, and then they sell pills that can relieve the symptoms of poisoning. And so a person turns into an ideal consumer: he seizes junk food with pills in order to more or less feel normal. Well, the aggressive information environment also litters our consciousness, creating psychological causes of diseases. A vicious circle that only we ourselves can break.

4. Accustom yourself to order

The legendary phrase of Professor Preobrazhensky immediately comes to mind: "Chaos in the heads." And it is with this devastation that the devastation begins everywhere. Start accustoming yourself to order - if it is difficult to immediately put things in order in your head - at least put things in order in the house.

Clean the apartment, get rid of unnecessary things - you can throw it away, sell or donate. There is such an esoteric opinion that all the things that we have are wasting energy. It is not known for certain whether this is true or not, but after getting rid of unnecessary things, you really feel a state of energy and psychological recovery.

Also put things in order in your life - accustom yourself to a comfortable daily routine - try to go to bed earlier, get up earlier and use your time rationally.

5. Build relationships with loved ones

The popular slogan that the family is the unit of society is, in fact, relevant to this day. Our family relationships are a reflection of our position regarding the entire world around us. If we are not able to harmoniously interact with our loved ones, most likely in society our relations with people will be far from ideal.

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Source: verywellmind.com | Healthy Family

And to discover the path of global change, you need to start small - with your family. Try to resolve differences, improve relationships, find out what is the cause of conflicts, and so on. And you will notice that life begins to change.

6. Refuse as much as possible from household chemicals

We have previously discussed the issue of the presence of harmful chemicals in products. However, the danger awaits us not only in the plate itself, but also in what we then wash this plate with.

Detergents are another threat to our health. The task of manufacturers is to effectively remove pollution from various kinds of surfaces, and they think little about what harm this will bring to health. Therefore, we will have to think for ourselves.

Typical detergents can be replaced with baking soda, mustard, vinegar, salt, and so on. The same goes for soaps, shampoos, shower gels. There are many recipes for natural shampoos and soaps on the internet. Taking the time to make natural cleansers will save you time in the future, which you can spend on treatments and trips to the hospital.

7. Increase physical activity

Everything is very clear here. Movement is life. If nature wanted us to sit in one place for days, we would have a structure like a vegetable in a garden bed. However, today some people live like that - not much different, both in body and mind, from a plump cabbage in the garden.

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Source: excitingindia.in | Yoga and meditation

But if we decide to get out of the matrix, it's time to move. Constant physical activity allows the body to recover better and get rid of toxins. Of course, we are not talking about professional sports, which is just another sophisticated method of self-destruction. There is an opinion that continuous physical activity of 40 minutes long brings benefits, everything that is higher is already harmful. The figure, of course, is very conditional - in this matter everything is individual, but it is still worth adhering to some time frame.

8. Being in nature more

The very rhythm of life in the stone jungle does not allow us to be alone with nature and at least temporarily abstract ourselves from the bustle of the city. Therefore, it is important to be in nature for at least a couple of hours a day. If there is no way to travel outside the city, you can find some quiet square or park.

A daily walk in the park will be a very useful habit. And you yourself will be surprised what useful thoughts and ideas can come at this time. Maybe this is another opportunity to change your life, thanks to some non-standard ideas that visit a person when he is away from the hustle and bustle.

9. Become a creator

By our very nature, each of us is a creator. When a person creates something, it gives meaning to life. And the most interesting thing is that not only a talented poet, writer or musician can be a creator. In fact, any activity can be turned into creativity.

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Source: medicalnewstoday.com | Nature Time

That is, in addition to the fact that it is desirable to find your purpose, which will allow you to bring reasonable, kind, eternal into this world, you can even turn everyday affairs into creativity. Even a banal washing of dishes can be turned into a real meditation, watching how the plates and pots are cleaned, as if we ourselves are clearing ourselves - from worldly vanity, from fears, from negative emotions and unpleasant memories. Try it and washing dishes will become one of your favorite things. You see how simple it is - we ourselves create our reality, simply by changing the perspective of perception.

10. Do good deeds

Everything comes back, it has already been scientifically proven. This is evidenced by Newton's third law: "Action is always equal and opposite opposition." Thus, doing good deeds is simply simply beneficial, not to mention the fact that doing good is simply pleasant, because this is the purpose of man as a rational being.

By doing good deeds, we change the world around us, and from this we change ourselves. Even if now we are imperfect in some way and we have some shortcomings - just by doing good, we will develop. Helping others, we help ourselves, because in our world everything is interconnected. And to become happy, you just have to make everyone around you happy.


So these are 10 steps to exit the matrix. Skeptical exclamations are already heard, they say, you can, of course, go for a jog in the morning and not drink alcohol, and transfer grandmothers across the road, but the matrix will remain as it was. But no. There is a good saying that "not a single drop considers itself guilty of a flood." Indeed, it seems to us that if we stop buying alcohol and junk food, this will not affect the income of transnational corporations in any way. Now imagine that you have stopped doing this. And then your relatives, friends, acquaintances were inspired by your example. And then - and in their environment, someone thought. And now the rejection of self-poisoning is growing exponentially. But would this be possible if you had not taken the first step?

To change the world, you need to change yourself. As the legendary Christian saint Seraphim of Sarov said : "Save yourself, and thousands will be saved around you." And looking at the world from this position turns us into history makers who are capable of breaking the system.


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